Heitor Villa-Lobos: complete works for solo guitar

Villa-Lobos, the greatest Brazilian composer ever, was the first to write a Brazilian concert repertoire for guitar. Guitarists all around the world play his work.

As the winner of the III International Guitar Competition of the Festival Villa-Lobos, Paulo Porto Alegre has become an authority of his work. He also performs all the Chamber music and The Concertos for Guitar and Small Orchestra.

Radames Gnattali: complete works for solo guitar & all chamber music


Transiting between the popular and the erudite, Radames Gnatalli always got along with the guitarists. Garoto, Laurindo Almeida, José Menezes, Turibio Santos, Raphael Rabello, Assad duo and also Paulo Porto Alegre, were some of them.

Paulo had been very close to the composer for several years and was able to study all of his music for guitar personally with the maestro.

Paulo Porto Alegre: music for solo guitar


Awarded the Première Mention at the Concours International de Composition de l'ORTF (Paris) in 1986, Paulo studied with Sergio Correa Vasconcellos, H. Joachim Koellreuter and had informal guidance by Radames Gnattali for many years.

Paulo’s original works consists of three Sonatas, 12 Popular Studies, 24 Modal Studies, a ‘Suite Brasileira’ and numerous solo and chamber pieces. Many of his works have been performed and recorded by renowned artists in Brazil, Europe and the United States.


The Brazilian Popular Guitar - its history, its interpreters


The guitar in Brazilian music has a long history since the first “chorões” through to its current-day interpreters.

Names like: Dilermando Reis, Garoto, João Pernambuco, Baden Powell, Paulinho Nogueira, Marco Pereira, Paulo Bellinati and Paulo Porto Alegre, are a constant presence in the programs of guitarists around the world, who recognize the value of Brazilian guitar music.


Jazz and the Guitar


It is not only the electric guitar that lives in jazz music. Countless acoustic guitarists have devoted their talents to every kind of jazz style.

Names like Ralph Towner, Pat Metheny, Frederic Hand and Matthew Dunne have left wonderful works for their instrument, the guitar.

Also included are Paulo’s arrangements of the music of George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Jerome Kern.  Due to its refinement, this program always is a success.


Beatles and the Guitar


Around the time when the ‘Beatles’ started having their success, Paulo Porto Alegre was extremely engaged in their music. With that, he has written nearly two-dozen arrangements of songs from various periods of the group. Paulo combines his knowledge of rock, jazz and Brazilian music, in a treatment almost classical for the guitar.


The Guitar on the Radio Nacional


With the emergence of the ‘Radio Nacional’ in Rio de Janeiro in 1936, Radames Gnattali who at that time was the arranger, composer and pianist for the Radio, invited several guitarists like: Garoto, Laurindo Almeida, Waltel Branco, José Menezes, and Dilermando Reis, to be part of the cast.

This program shows the exchange of musical influences among Radames and these guitarists at the time, not only important for Brazilian popular music, but also for the modern guitar in Brazil.


All these projects were conceived as a concert-lecture combination, which can be produced in this format, or performed solely as a concert.

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