Guitar player and composer, Paulo Porto Alegre, who has been awarded as ProAC 2012 by Sao Paulo’s Department of Culture, is launching ‘Varandeio’ – his authorial solo CD – celebrating his 60 years of age and 35 years as a professional.

The new álbum sums up approximately 30 years of his production for solo guitar, which has been highly influenced by Brazilian music, jazz, and classical music. The repertoire is dedicated to great artists such as, Sergio and Odair Assad, Fabio Zanon, Mario Ulloa, and Alieksey Vianna, which are all interpreters of his work.

Idealized project by Paulo Porto Alegre, who had a strong friendship with Radames for many years. The work possesses an expressive part of his chamber music, especially written for the guitar. The Nucleo Hesperides group (Americas Contemporary Music) and Trio Opus 12 partook in the execution of this project.

Trio Opus 12 guitar trio’ debut album comprises works from the Renaissance (Giovani Pacoloni), the Classical period (Felippo Gragnani), and the 20th century (Ferenc Farkas and Igor Stravinsky, being converted from the original to the piano and four hands’ guitar by Paulo Porto Alegre). It is a pivotal album in the realm of guitar trios.

The first solo album from guitarist and composer Paulo Porto Alegre, ‘A Queda dos Pássaros’ (‘The Fall of the Birds’) was a landmark recording for the originality of its repertoire.

This CD gathers together works of the twentieth-century, featuring composers from Russia, Cuba and the United States. On the other side, Paulo also collected works by composers from England and Spain as well as representing Brazil with his own compositions.

This album features a sample of the Great twentieth-century repertoire for solo guitar.

Recorded in: June 1996

Paulo Porto Alegre recorded with a guitar Paul Fischer (1979)

paulo porto alegre   classical guitarist - composer



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p. alegre: estudo Blues


música marú



itunes - loja clássicos

Distribution: Tratore

p. alegre: casa dos amigos da natureza

p. alegre: tombeau de piazzola

a queda dos pássaros

música marú


dilermando reis: se ela perguntar by p.alegre

violões do brasil



Violoes do Brasil offers an embracing view about the trajectory of the instrument in Brazil. On top of telling the stories of great guitar masters from Brazil, the show presents testimonials of various artists who talk about little known aspects of the guitar world. Over four hundred guitarist and more than seven hundred luthiers currently active in Brazil speak on the program.

retratos de radamés



radamés: sonatina para flauta e violão



trio - for flute, viola & guitar

molino: trio opus 45 - allegro

The formation for the flute, viola, and guitar trio has its origins in the Baroque trio-sonata for two melodic instruments with continuo.

The current formation heard in the CD peaked during the romantic-classical period.

In the release CD, the Trio presents works done by composers from this period, such as Kreutzer, Molino, Furstenau, and Paganini.

trio opus 12

música marú


stravinsky:  Napolitana

Nucleo Hesperides sets forth a small program about the American musical production from the XX and XXI centuries, bringing together a unique array of styles in their two CDs.

“Minimalism was the North American reaction to the European seriousness. In my minimalist study, written in 2009, I utilized two out of the five classical Reich’s minimalist tactics: discrepancy and the hearing process by group. In this version, I utilize percussion for three guitars, plaudits and temple blocks.” – Paulo Porto Alegre.

sons das américas



porto alegre: minimalist study for percussion on three guitars, plaudits and temple blocks



mestre dos mestres

musica maru


p. alegre: estudo nº 5

p. alegre: estudo nº 6

In the year of Herinque Pinto’s 70th birthday, four generations of great presenters, who were taught by him, gather to celebrate the date.

The recording counts with the presence of: Antonio Carlos Guedes, Paulo Porto Alegre,  Fabio Zanon, Paulo Martelli, Duo Siqueira Lima, Brazil Guitar Duo, Franciel Monteira, and Amadeu Rosa

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centro cultural banco do brasil


estréias brasileiras

t. nogueira: brasiliana 7 - ligeiro

t.nogueira: brasiliana 7 - saudoso

p. alegre: praiana

The composer Ascendino Theodoro Nogueira, after an interval of many years has written 6 Brasilianas, returned to complete the series with 4 more works of which, the number 7 is dedicated to Paulo Porto Alegre.

‘The Cultural Center of Brazil Bank ordered me in 1996 a work for solo guitar just at the time I thought of writing a jazz-sonata [I have been exploring in previous 3 sonatas this so mistreated and forgotten musical form]. This is a Rondo-Sonata in jazzy style, slow [what is already kind of rare in this form] as the domain of the first theme on the entire composition [and traditional harmony].’ - Paulo Porto Alegre


independent label (Tratore distrib.)



p. bellinati: maracatu da pipa

m. pereira: bate-coxa

p.porto alegre: fuga funk

The Trio Opus 12 interprets in its new album works of an exceptional generation of Brazilian guitarists composers born in the eraly 50's.

These composers have had a classical and popular background formation, which has distinguished them as the most relevant artists of their generation, and they brought a new perspective to the brazilian instrumental music: Paulo Porto Alegre, Paulo Bellinati, Sergio Assad e Marco Pereira.

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